Thursday, June 2, 2016

Living Life

I have been seriously slacking in the blog-osphere these past months.  Everytime I was inspired to write, I didn't know where to start because there was just SO MUCH.  I've had to adjust to my 30-year old body that has different hormone levels, dietary needs, sleep requirements and among other things--dry, lackluster hair.  It has been tough figuring all these things out and trying various new habits to restore myself to homeostasis.  I am happy to say that for the most part I feel at home in my 31.5 year-old body and that I'm lucky for the support of family and friends and doctors who really listened to me and helped me get back on track. 

This is Baby Becks at 3-4 weeks old.
My family also got a new addition!!  I have gladly given up hours upon hours to spend time with my new niece, Beckett Ann. She is just the most precious snuggly thing and I already have so many plans for all the fun stuff we'll get to do together when she's older and can walk and talk.  For right now, I try to get in as many of those post-bottle naps on my bosom as I can.  

4 races in 3 days = 5 total medals

School and running have both been a little bit of everything as well.  I have reached some running goals that I never thought I would ever reach and I also successfully rehabbed from Achilles Tendonitis in the fall.  However, I'm still plagued by nagging heel pain which causes me pain for most of the day and night.  I hobble when I first get up, it throbs when I sit down, it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I often dread simply walking around my classroom to pass out papers or check on the girls while they're working in groups.  I finally found a doctor who really listened to me about it, and I just got an MRI, so we can finally get to the root of the problem so I don't have to deal with this constant pain any more and can go back out there and run even more than before!!

Happy to see these girls graduate after all the recommendation letters I wrote for them!
School this year has been incredibly rewarding, but also very challenging.  I participated in a few extra things this year that have caused me to change the way I look at a lot of what I do and that has been both exciting and scary.  There's been a lot of changes in administration over the past few years, so that has taken more getting used to and some veteran faculty members who I look up to are retiring, so I am preparing to step into a new role next year without my mentor to help me.  We also just said good-bye to a class that has been very special to me.  This group of seniors was full of a lot of really great kids that I go to know very well.  I've become a real-deal teacher in the past 4 years and they've helped to challenge me, support me and be my guinea pigs, time and again.  A handful of them are the kids that I would have been friends with if we were at school together and I can't wait to see what they accomplish in the coming years.  I will miss them, but look forward to meeting our very, scarily small incoming freshmen class next year.  All of this is exciting, stressful, and scary, but I know that it will be rewarding in the end.   

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