Monday, June 16, 2014

The Egg Sandwich: Summer lunch perfection

I am a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs and mayo, so it would stand to reason that one of my favorite lunches is an egg sandwich.  This simple little sandwhich consists of just three ingredients (5, if you count salt and pepper) and can be assembled in mere minutes.  It is wholesome, relatively healthy and packs the punch of two of nature's most perfect foods: eggs.  It is best enjoyed on the back porch with some cheetos and a slushy or a glass of milk (nothing beats a cold glass of milk on a hot day). 

For sandwhich nirvana, follow these simple steps below:

1. Peel your eggs.  Duh!!  Some vinegar in the water when you boil the eggs will help the eggs peel easily.

2. Lightly toast some bread.  Personally I'm a really big fan of white bread for egg sandwiches, but rye bread also works great as well.  I hate wheat bread--judge away!  The real key is to lightly toast the bread, you don't want it too hard and crumbly.  It should be just a little crunchy and retain its chewey-ness.

3. While your bread is toasting, slice your eggs.  An egg slicer comes in handy here, but in the absence of one (or if it's in the dishwasher because you used it yesterday), a vegetable knife and a steady hand will do the trick. 

4. Remove your still-warm, lightly-toasted bread from the toaster.  A nice 20-year old standard-issue Tupperware plate is the best way to serve the egg sandwich.

5. Slather both pieces of bread with mayo.  This is not the time to be skimping on calories, you should apply the mayo to the bread as liberally as you would spread Coppertone on a baby at the beach.  The mayo helps bind the sandwich together. 

6. Arrange the eggs on one side of the bread.  I try to overlap the whites and the yolks so that they're evenly distributed throughout.  Season to taste with good old-fashioned salt and pepper.  No need for fancy sea salt or fresh-ground pepper.

7. Place the other piece of bread on, smush lightly and enjoy!

If you're into veggies on your sandwich like lettuce and tomatoes, you could add those as well, but why ruin a good thing. 

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