Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Banana-lover's Lament

The past few years I've really been struggling with the banana selection at the grocery store, because they normally look like this:

I mean, seriously Chiquita and Kroger?  How is anyone supposed to eat these without getting a terrible stomach ache!  How do the monkeys at the zoo have nice yellow bananas and I, a human being, spending my hard-earned money, can't!?!  This is just getting out of hand!  And don't even get me started on the occasional batch that looks like it's on steroids because they're indecently long.  No one wants to eat that much banana in one sitting!

Another issue, sometimes they're sooooo green when you get them that even though they're ripe, they're still green, so by the time you realize it, they're too far gone, like these guys:

These have so much green on them, but have plenty of spots too!  How's a girl supposed to know when to eat her bananas when the characteristic markers are so screwy?

The main issue with this is that bananas have about a three-day window where they're ripe enough to eat, but not too ripe.  That means I end up eating 2-3 a day so that I don't waste them.  Then I have to go buy a new batch and wait 2-4 days waiting for the next ones to ripen and in the intervening time, I'm perfect-breakfast-and-snack-food-less.  The best system is to buy new bananas as soon as you start eating the first ones, but then you end up with bananas of varying ripeness all over your counter, waiting until they reach their perfect level of ripeness, which for me is a bit more than for most people, but I really HATE when they aren't ripe!

These bananas are at their peak ripeness!  

I never used to have issues with bananas before I went to Ghana.  Either bananas here have gotten worse, or I became so used to the sun- and tree-ripened bananas that were so small and delicious you could eat two, three or even four in one sitting.  There was no waiting around for them to get ripe, they weren't cut off the tree until they were perfectly yellow and they came straight to you the next day.  I miss those!

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  1. I usually go for the bannana's at Whole Foods, which come from Organic Sources, are actually the size they should be, and very in ripeness levels so that you can buy some green ones along with some yellow ones so you can work your way in. Plus, the organic ones from Whole Foods don't taste like butt, which the Chiquta one's do.