Thursday, January 9, 2014

I *snow* love the woods

Tonight, on the way home from an impromptu trip to Costco to obtain various items in bulk, the most exciting of which was 5 tubes of my favorite toothpaste for $12, and a pit stop at Chick-fil-A for the most delicious, wholesome and real of all fast foods, my mom and I took a detour through the woods.  It had been flurrying like crazy since we had left the house, so we knew it would be pretty magical.
Winton Woods is only about 4 minutes from home and, as kids, our bus went past it every day.  It was actually quicker to go through it, but Jan-the bus driver never did.  She always favored the adjacent neighborhood instead....  EXCEPT when it has recently snowed.  My brother, Bubba, and I were the first ones on the bus and we would always ask her when we got on if she would take us through the woods.  Jan-the bus driver would normally wink and say "we'll see."  By the time we had finished the route and were heading back past our house on the way to school, kids would start chanting to go through the woods and as we neared the bottom of the hill just before the turn into the park, we would all hold our breaths in the hopes that she would turn and take us through the magic, snow-covered wonderland that is Winton Woods in the wintertime.  When Jan-the bus driver did turn, we would all cheer and then everyone was quiet as we kept wiping the steam of the windows with our coat sleeves, to the chagrin of our mothers.  No one drew on the windows, the big kids didn't taunt the little kids, everyone just looked out in wonder at the splendor of the snow on those trees.  The trees make a perfect tunnel over the road that in the summertime provides lush, green coolness, but in the winter transports the lucky park-goer to another world entirely, where all is fresh, clean and new and where you can't help but marvel at the splendor God has created for a few fleeting hours.

I didn't have my good camera, so couldn't get one from the road in the dark, but this is a picture of the woods from last winter, you can see just how majestic it is!

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