Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Roddin' at the Cavalcade of Customs

This past weekend was Cincy's annual Cavalcade of Customs down at the Convention Center (what-up, Duke Energy??) and I got my annual tour of the weekend's best from the guy who taught me to drive and who is REALLY good at fixing cars (and rebuilding them too!!)-- the one, the only, Jo-Poppa.  He always needs a ride down on Sundays because he has to drive the car home after the show.

The Cavalcade always provides great entertainment because the crowd is as diverse as the cars themselves.  You have everything from show cars that one wouldn't dream of driving, the average hot rods and street rods that spend weekends cruising the town, down to "Rat-rods" that often don't even run.
 Before showing some of my favorite highlights from the show, I have to shine a light on Gladys, the family station wagon and weekend cruiser that my dad rebuilt into a bad ass hot rod a few years ago. 

When we first got Gladys she was black and white and pretty banged up.  Jo-Momma liked it because we could park anywhere since you didn't have to worry about dings!  We had to sit on blankets because the springs were coming out of the seats and driving it was akin to driving the Big Comfy Couch, if such a thing could be driven.  

 Jo-Poppa completely overhauled it, with basically on the frame and dash being original.  To the delight of Jo-Momma and I, it even has AC!

Of course the perfect accent to the black is my dad's favorite color: green!!!

One of my new favorite things that I love about car shows is watching the pin-strippers.  These guys work really fast and do everything free-hand, right on people's cars!  I can literally stand and watch these guys for hours, although you'd have to follow them around if you wanted to watch that long.  

Here, he is just starting to put the white on as an accent to the red. 

This is the back of the car that this guy did.  The girl was sketched out in free-hand, but the rest of it was totally free-hand.  

This is the finished product on the front.  Only took about 5 minutes

This beaut is a "Show" car, because they are only for show.  Much like china dolls, they are beautiful, but taunt you because you wouldn't dare take them out for a spin for fear of messing them up.  Just like those dolls that sit up on the shelf collecting dust and mocking you.  

This Firebird is another show car, that I totally would have broken the rules to drive.  It looked fast just sitting there!  The paint was a perfect mix of baby blue and teal with the most brilliant Diamond-Shine finish I've ever seen!  

I LOVED  the color on this Bel Air and had to include it!

There wasn't anything too special about this Ford.  It was well-maintained, so most of it was original.  I was totally geeking out over the brocade upholstery on the seats with the metallic-shiny leather around it.  My great aunt Marcy drove an old Buick similar to this car, and she would have totally loved these seats.  The other feature of this car that was also awesome, is the fact that it has suicide doors.  I failed to capture that in the photo because I was so excited about the seats, but if you look at the door post, you'll notice that there is a latch, but no door because it opens from the rear. 

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